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HW: 217 Current Weight: 150 something.. I don't weigh myself! Goal Weight: More comfortable! I'm studying abroad in Italy end of August, I plan to feel more comfortable in clothes and in my own skin. Ask me anything!
  • I also was on break while studying abroad for 5 days I including 3 days in the Netherlands so I guess it wasn’t too bad considering their diet. And munchies


  • Need to write a goal plan for myself

    Feel myself spiraling to a bad place weight wise. The nonchalant food choices remind me of what I did when I was near obese… I REFUSE to ever be there again. I’m kinda scared but if I did it once, I know I can do it again

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    through a year of weight gain and chopping off my hair, I finally gained confidence in myself.

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    Iggy isn’t a rapper.

    She doesn’t have bars

    Or punchlines

    Or a flow for that matter

    Bet money you tell her to freestyle on the spot she’ll either make an excuse or be stuttering

    that’s literally what happened lmao 

    Worst “freestyle” I’ve ever heard
    Rehearsed as fuck
    Fake as accent
    Zero flow

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    You've done incredible, you are in Italy. This moment isn't to be missed, think about it. We look back on life everyday and regret little things, don't let yourself feel sad for something so minor. Really, weight is minor. You are so much more than your body, you are beautiful, we tend to want to fix everything at once but the true magic happens when you work with yourself. Let yourself feel happiness, breathe in that Italian air and be free! One step at a time <3

    I want to print this out. You are so lovely! I feel like this is someone I know.. If not thank you for helping me feel better

  • Mental breakdowns over my obesity what is new